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  • 12 May 2014
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Brand New WordPress Plugin Unleashes The Profit Power of The Instant Phone Call

It has never been easier to get people to call you from your website. No more lost opportunities because a client couldn’t find a pen or copy a number on your mobile site…

With Click & Call Pro, you can instantly install a button to any WordPress site that will have customers calling you to buy more stuff in just a single click!

Here are just a few powerful ways you can use Click & Call Pro:

- Install the plugin to your site to receive calls with ease
- Sell the plugin to local business owners to get more business
- Link the phone number to a call centre selling your products
- Install the plugin on local business websites for a fee
- Add a voicemail number inside the plugin to capture sales leads
- Plus Many More Exciting and Profit-Driven Strategies

Click & Call Pro Takes All of The Hassle Out of Getting Clients to Call!

- Easily Input Your Phone Number From The Simple Dashboard Editor
- Add The Click & Call Pro Widget To Your Sidebar in Seconds
- Single Click Skype Calls for People Viewing The Site on a PC
- Single Click Phone Calls for People Viewing Your Site on a Mobile

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